What’s on at Dance and Theatre Cornwall

2015_DAN_Cornish-Dance-Theater-Fall-2015-Concert--219_cbHere you can learn all about the upcoming events at Dance and Theatre Cornwall. At the top of the page is a section where visitors to the site are invited to submit an event of their own that they are hosting to let people know all about it. This service is offered free of charge by Dance and Theatre Cornwall and visitors who click on the Add an Event link will be taken to another section of the site where they can fill in all the details of their event so that it can be promoted on the site.

The next section features a calendar that represents the different days of a single month. Visitors to the site can click on the specific day that they wish to attend an event to see if there is anything that interests them on that day. They will then be taken to another page that presents full details of the event, including the time that it is scheduled to start and ticket information.

Below this is the full listings for all of the different types of dance and theatre events that are scheduled to take place in and around Cornwall over the coming year. Brief details are provided for each of these events such as the title of the event, the venue and the ticket price. People who click on the title of the event will be taken to the relevant page where they can learn more about it.

Underneath each of the events is a list of the different types of categories that it belongs in such as dance, music, comedy and drama helping visitors to the site to determine whether or not they will be interested in this type of event. There are several pages of events listed and clicking on the next page number at the bottom will take visitors further into the events listings.