Using the Dance and Theatre Cornwall Directory

350x246This special directory has been created to help visitors to Dance and Theatre Cornwall find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently. The top of the page features a link that people can use to sign up to the Dance and Theatre Cornwall mailing list in order to contribute information and receive regular email updates. It is free to join the Dance and Theatre Cornwall site and can easily be done in a mere matter of minutes by clicking on the Join link or the Sign Up link underneath it.

The following Categories section can be used by visitors to swiftly and easily find the types of directory listings that they are most interested in. There are lots of different categories to choose from here including costume/set design, actor/performer and photographers and each of these categories features a link that can be clicked on to take visitors to all of the directory listings of this type. Next to each category is the number of each directory listing for the category in brackets next to it and visitors to the site simply need to click on the year to be taken to the relevant page.

The main part of the directory displays all of the different types of performers who are registered with Dance and Drama Cornwall. A featured performer is displayed at the top allowing visitors to click on a special link underneath the performer’s brief profile to view their full profile. There is also a section that shows the latest members as well as a section where visitors to the page can view the different members and performers by location. All of these details are intended to help form a solid and useful network of all the different types of performers and artists that can be found in Cornwall and the surrounding area.