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latest-newsThis special section of the Dance and Theatre Cornwall site presents all of the latest news related to the world of drama and theatre. At the top of the page is a link that visitors are invited to click on to submit and article that is not currently featured on the site. This is a free service to people who have logged into the site and after clicking on the link it is easy for visitors to submit the news story that they wish to be displayed.

The Categories section can be used by visitors to find the types of news stories that they are most interested in quickly and conveniently. There are lots of different categories to choose from here including funding, cuts, circus, arts and dance and each of these categories features a link that can be clicked on to take visitors to all of the news stories of this type.

The Archives section of the News page can be used to find news stories that were submitted in different time period. This section is particularly useful to visitors to the site who are looking for news stories and events that took place in different years. Several years are listed here with the number of new stories that are available for each year in brackets next to it and visitors to the site simply need to click on the year to be taken to the relevant page.

The rest of the page features brief descriptions of the different news stories that can be found on the Dance and Theatre Cornwall site. This includes the main title of the news story, which is actually a link that visitors can click on to the taken to the news story of their choice. There are hundreds of news stories in the archives along with the name of the person who submitted the story and the date that it was submitted on.