Check Out the Dance and Theatre Cornwall Resources

7624219This special page presents all of the different types of resources that are available to people who are involved with the theatre in Cornwall and the surrounding area. Visitors to the site who have their own resources that they wish to share can do so easily by simply clicking on the submit a resource link that is included in the first section of this page. Then visitors simply have to click on this link so that they will be taken to the relevant page where they can fill in the details of the resource that they want to share.

The Funding section is a very valuable resource for performers and theatre works who require a little extra funding to get their project off the ground. This section provides links to the various different organizations who offer funding for theatre projects such as Arts Council Funding and The Batty Charitable Fund. Visitors who click on this link will be taken to the relevant page so that they can learn all about whether they are eligible to apply for funding and how to apply for it.

The Business Guides section features links to a wide range of free business guides that visitors can use to learn more information that will help them to develop their business. Among the other categories here that provide links to further useful resources are Site Guides, Classes and Groups, Marketing and Touring and Funding.

The useful search bar makes it possible for visitors to search the directory for exactly what they are looking for. This can be done by typing certain keywords into the specified box to make searching easier and to select the relevant category from the special drop down bar. In the last select, visitors to the site are invited to join the directory, which can be done in a mere matter of minutes by clicking on the Sign Up link.